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Our facility might seem different at first, but was developed with a lot of behavioral research to the horses benefit in mind, without forgetting the human in the process.

Our facility includes
70x 144 bright indoor arena
70x 200 outdoor ring
Riding arena

Open grass area which can also be used for jumping and after hay season another 100 acres for
a little hike outside.

We produce our own hay and therefore control the makeup and quality of the crop. Being horse owners ourselves we understand the importance of quality hay.

Horses on pasture
Barn with heated tack up bays and power outlets, a farrier bay with concrete pad,
heated tack room, feed room and two 12 x 12 Box stalls.

We have approximately 60 acre in Pasture with safe fencing and water, which can be used from June till the first frost.

The paddocks are ~2000 sq ft big and meant for one horse.

All paddocks come with shelter facing south and frost proof water. The neighboring shelter provides also a windbreak, so the horses are always protected from the weather.

The facility is well lit overall so that you can find your way around even in the shorter winter days.

Available at the facility is a certified hoof trimmer & equine massage therapist as well as horse training and riding lessons.

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